Loving Your Mighty I AM Presence!

Mighty I AM Presence, I Love You,

The average human being lives Life after Life without once loving or thanking his own Mighty I AM Presence for the energy which flows ceaselessly through his mind and body; for the substance he uses in his body and world; or for the hundreds of good things by which he is constantly surrounded which he uses and enjoys, and yet gives nothing of himself in return.

Many people carry a feeling of personal grudge against Life, blaming It for their suffering and failures, when even a very small amount of gratitude and Love poured out to the I AM Presence within each human Heart would transmute every discord into Peace and Love, releasing the Perfection of Life into the outer activity of the individual.

Mighty I AM Presence, I Love You!

Human beings find plenty of time to love dogs, cats, food, clothes, money, diamonds, people and a thousand and one things; but it is very rarely that an individual takes even five minutes out of a lifetime to love his own Divinity – yet he is using every second Its Life and Energy by which to enjoy those things.Even those who think they love God give almost no Acknowledgment to the Mighty I AM Presence within themselves, and no gratitude goes up to It for the good things that come to them in Life.

It is not that we should not pour out Love to things in the outer activity; but we should certainly love the Divinity Within first – and more- than any outer thing or personality. It is the very Life and Consciousness by which we exist.

Happiness cannot exist except when Love is pouring out. This is Life’s Law. When people are loving something or somebody, they are happy. Even a miser is happy when he is loving his Gold, because he is pouring out a feeling of Love to the thing he tries to hold. What he is really trying to hold is happiness; but he does not realize that the feeling of happiness is not contained in the Gold, but is in the pouring out of Love from himself. In that outpouring he lets his Life flow uninterruptedly and harmoniously.

Taken from one of Saint Germain’s discourse out of  “The Magic Presence”

Mighty I AM Presence, I Love you!

I AM Presence


The Truth about the “Law of Harmony”

Today I want to address an incomplete teaching and belief system or concept that so many people hang on to and by doing so it has held mankind in bondage and distress. First before I begin, all the personal development work must be built on a strong foundation of Spiritual Law, if not it will not be sustainable. The ego or personality has power, but the only power it has is supplied to it by Source, God, or the “I AM Presence” and governed by Spiritual Law.

This means that all Life is created, sustained and supplied by what I will refer to as God or “I AM”.  Once the personality has used up the power it has been supplied by God in its effort to sustain anything by the puny human will, the “thing” that personality is trying to sustain falls apart. You see human creation can only be sustained by the attention given to it and the energy and power to do this comes from your “I AM Presence”.

If you or anyone will put their attention on the only giver in the Universe which is God and hold your feelings harmoniously all perfection would manifest in your world. It is the Law. What happens is that mankind puts their attention on their human concept about what it is that they want instead of the “I AM” that creates it all. By doing this you qualify or color the energy with your own imperfect human concepts and the results you get are not how you wanted them, partial results or no result at all.

If your “I AM Presence” was left alone to flow thru you and out into the world, free from your imperfect qualifications it would created such perfection, health, peace, beauty, abundance that you in your human mind can’t even imagine. It would bring to you such joy and happiness unlike that which you have ever known. You see it is you the real you and this “I AM” which is the real you, has infinite intelligence and only desires to produce perfection for you.

What makes you think that Your Own Infinite Intelligence doesn’t know exactly what will bring you the most happiness? Only through your disconnection to the power that beats your heart and the concept of separation you live in would you ever “think” you in your human mind could know anything about a perfection you cannot even comprehend. Now my dear friend, I know that is hard to swallow, but it is what has been going on in your world and yes it is totally arrogant.

Now that this is clear and distinct in your mind and has your attention, ask your “I AM Presence” to show you the truth of these words, don’t believe me, ask your infinite intelligence to prove it to you. The incorrect concept held by so many people that I started out with is this:

It has been taught that if you change your thoughts about a thing, then your feeling will change and you will see the results or manifestation. How’s that been working for you? Not so well, I will venture to say. Now let’s bring clear understanding to this.

You have been told that thoughts and feelings create and that when you align them with each other you will have what you want or have your manifestation. What you are not told is that the feeling is something you have before you ever form the thought. The feeling is also your powerhouse. Your feeling is what brings your manifestation into form. Your thoughts will follow your feelings. If you don’t believe this then just try it for yourself.

Here is the Law of Harmony. If you harmonize your feeling, your thought will automatically line up with the harmony and you will create favorable results according to the harmony you hold. If you held perfect harmony in your feelings only perfection could and would manifest in every area of your Life.

It is by not being obedient to the Law of Harmony that you experience any distress or discord in your world. Whatever you feel and think about you are sending your energy into and it must come back and express itself in your world. So if you are sowing anger, criticism, condemnation, judgment, blame, hatred and all other feelings like this then that is what you will reap in your Life and world. Don’t fool yourself, mild dislike is a form of hatred. You will reap what you sow, it is the Law. The only reason you don’t experience all you desire and want in your world is because you are not obedient to the Law of Harmony.

Once the feeling has begun and you try to change the way you are thinking in hopes that your feeling will change. For the most part this is a lost effort. But as soon as you “choose” to harmonize your feelings with love and peace your thought will effortlessly change to match it. What you feel is your choice and you can govern and control your feelings.

Your feelings are your powerhouse and harmony is the Law of your Being. When you hold enough harmony in your feeling, no matter what conditions in the outer world may suggest, your world will soon begin to express this harmony. Then a perfection, joy and happiness will fill your world that you in your human personality can’t even imagine.

I love you!

From Our Treasure Chest To Yours,


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Without this basic understanding, power, freedom and full self expression are just hopeful concepts!

Let us all be clear once and for all. There are no victims and nobody needs fixed. You are perfect, whole and complete just as you are. God made no junk.  Everything that you experience in your life, you created consciously or unconsciously by your thoughts and the feelings that followed your thought.  A belief is a thought that is continually thought.  What you believe you experience, meaning you bring it into your reality.

God isn’t something outside of you that needs you to do anything to please it. God does not want anything for you or from you. God is all that is and omnipotent. If God wanted or even could want for anything do you think God couldn’t have it? You are Gods way of experiencing all that is through the illusion of separate individualizations and experiences. To know and be all there is, is not the same as experiencing all that is. To know hot and cold is one thing. The experience of hot and cold is quite another. God doesn’t have a plan for you, God is experiencing Gods self through your individualization. If God had a plan, want or desire, don’t you think God could instantly have it and wouldn’t need you to give it or your permission to have it or your cooperation in getting it?

There is no person, place, condition or thing that can make you feel anything. You make you feel. You do this by the thoughts you have about the person, place, condition, or thing. Your feeling follows your thought. People have challenges and adversity. It does no good to fix a problem for someone or tell them what you in your own limited consciousness think they need. No man can know what is best for another man. Only the soul and the infinite wisdom within that soul can know the truth of that ones life plan and experiences.

I do not come to fix anybody nor do I believe I know what they need. First off they don’t need to be fixed and secondly they don’t need anything. Need is an illusion. Men and women have caused fights, war and every other discordant experience by believing what they are thinking is the truth. Everything you think about anything else is just your own perception. Your perception is not true; it is how you perceive it. Sad thing is you will get angry, fight, break up families, kill, start wars and everything else in order to try and prove you are right. Most people spend their life thinking they are right and complaining, judging, and generally making everything and everybody wrong that does not agree with them and how they think it should be. The fact is you make it all up from what you have learned and experienced in the past. It is just your perspective.

Responsibility means the ability to respond. Most people react. Meaning they act as they once have or as they have learned in the past. Living life from reaction and the past this way will only bring you more of the same. Remember this; you get what you think about most of the time. How do you know what you are thinking about the most? Look at your life and your experiences. Your thought and feeling consciously or unconsciously created it all.

What is intended to be expressed here is that you have the ability to live life in response. This is forward movement; this is creation, creating a brand new response rather than a reaction to the incoming data (the world or life). The new response will only come from living into a possibility and a declaration. Example, If I am creating the possibility of being happy and then declare, I am a happy person then if I am being authentic and true to my possibility and what I have declared, I will govern all my responses to people, places, conditions or things to align with being happy. If I find I am not happy about something then I instantly know that I am reacting from my old conditioned self. This is not right or wrong, it is an indicator. I can then choose my possibility of being happy again, adjust my thought about the person, place, condition or thing to thoughts that will move me towards happiness. I will have then instantly changed my view of the world or how it occurs or my perspective.

You see emotions are not good or bad. They are a communication to you about you and the very best indicator of how you are aligned with your higher self or your God self. Emotions send us a message that indicates how aligned or not aligned we are to our source. This gives us the ability to choose to adjust our thoughts so they align with our source, possibility and declaration. Decree a thing and it will be established unto thee. Provided you maintain alignment or integrity with your declaration. Bottom line, If you are getting a lot of what you don’t want in life you are thinking more often about what you don’t want than what you do.  An example of this is one may decree or declare to have wealth in his or her life. Most often they will then think about not having it, its taking to long, god must not want me to have it, just all kinds of made up non-sense of there not being enough and then they will believe it as if it is true.

Can you see how crazy this is? Here is the spiritual law. First seek the kingdom of god and his righteousness and all things will be added. God’s kingdom is all that is and is infinite and ever expanding. Righteousness in this sense simply means the right use of the law.  If you are seeking to live an unlimited life which is the kingdom and you use the law by aligning your thoughts, feelings, words and actions with the ever expanding, unlimited kingdom, all things are yours for the asking. The word was made flesh meaning it was made manifest in physical form. It was established by your correct use of the law of thought and feeling.

To sum this up, no one has ever done anything to you, nothing has ever happened to you that you didn’t invite by your vibration which is created by your thought and feeling consciously or unconsciously. You created it all, the sooner you own it the sooner you can re-create another experience. With the understanding of this document first, you can move into becoming a conscious creators of your life. You can begin to look at your attitude with the wisdom of how to adjust your thoughts and feelings to bring forth into your life what you desire.

Blessed Be,

Robert Stewart


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You will receive my Nutrient Fusion Report, and My Breath Of Life Experience 5 minute sample video.


Welcome to Life Works with Robert

The Core

I have a deep belief, knowing and philosophy that inspires me to be who I am and do the work I do in the world which you will read more about here in my Blog site.  This truth that I believe if adopted and lived will prove itself over and over in all areas of your life.

It will cause you to create a life that works with experiences of deeper love, understanding and harmony. It will cause you to live a life with inner peace, experiencing a connection to God and all life with a sense of oneness, plenty, and ease. If adopted and adhered to it will surely bring you to realize your own enlightenment.

The truth is very simple and straight forward. You are one with everything you see and don’t see. You are God, the creator of all you experience in your world. You have a power that dwells in you and stands ready to flood you with all the good your heart and mind can imagine.

This power is always at work bringing into your experience every thought and feeling you give your attention to. Whatever you hold your attention on long enough will come to be experienced in your world. The only thing that stops the flow or interrupts this process is your attention to it’s opposite. When you allow your attention to dwell in fear or doubt you immediately change the flow to what you fear or doubt.

This Mighty I Am Presence as it has been called is God, is you and is the only power that can create anything at all. It has no judgment as to how it is used or what quality it is sent forth in to create. It just creates simply by your will and attention. This I Am Presence is the all-encompassing, all-powerful, ever expanding, wholly enfolding power and energy in everything you see and don’t see. It is, all that is.

This means that all you experience is the sum total of your every thought and feeling. All of life is reflecting you, back at you. Did you get that? All of life in this physical world is the expression of every thought, feeling, word and act you have ever had. It is all you or a reflection of you, a mirror so to speak. That means that life doesn’t happen to you, it happens through you.  Nobody can or ever has done anything to you, because they are and expression of you, there is absolutely no separation from any part of life. It is all and extension of you, a reflection of you in the highest sense.

Infinite wisdom and intelligence has scripted it all in perfect design to give you the experience of your every thought, feeling, word and act, even the belief that there is more than one of us, and that all things are experienced as separate. You see, it even reflects that belief into your experience. From this belief and reflection of separation more beliefs are created like, there is not enough. Then from this belief another belief is born that says, there is something you have to do, and on and on and on.  Yes this infinite wisdom and intelligence of God, your Mighty I Am Presence even reflects and mirrors all of the Maya or illusion of these beliefs into your physical experience.

Now the truth is there is only one of us experiencing itself in infinite ways and forms. The truth is, them and us, you and me, good and bad, right and wrong, cold and hot or any duality is an illusion or a play being acted out. We believe it to be so and real. This believing is what gives it the power to express in our world. As a man thinketh so it is in his world.

When you truly realize and believe what has just been spoken, you will be what we call enlightened, or a master. You will have just remembered who you are and met your true self. All masters have come to this truth and understanding and so will you, sooner or later, because it is who you really are. You only believe you are not so you experience you are not.

Now can you see how adopting this truth and holding to it, not allowing your attention to give the outer appearance any power, you will eventually realize and experience this truth.  From my desire to understanding this very obscure truth, my work and purpose is born.

My purpose is to help humanity wake up to this truth, ultimately waking me up to this truth so we all may experience it more fully in our lives. I help people remember who they are. I do this so I can remember who I am.  You see whatever I do to you or help you experience, I experience in my world, because there is only one of us. By helping another part of me experience anything, I experience myself having it to help them experience. You want to know who you really are, help another know who they really are. You want to feel safe, help another feel safe. You want to feel being abundant, help another feel abundant or give to another from your abundance. By the giving alone you feel abundant. This is how it works. When you can help another feel at peace, you will feel at peace.

You cannot change the outer by doing something on the outer. It is designed for you to experience it. You can however recreate the outer by what you give your attention to. If you give your attention to the outer, you create more of the same. If you give your attention to a new thought and hold it there, feeling this new thought and not looking back at the opposite or outer appearance, you will recreate yourself in the outer anew. You will recreate a new and grander experience.

God or the I Am has no judgment, no preference and no agenda. It is your I Am presence that is the creative and sustaining power of all our outer experience. This I Am this Presence of God is the creative force that brings everything you see into physical expression. It is how you (God) experience all that you (God) are. If you will just dwell on this I Am sure you will feel the freedom of it, the power of it, the wisdom it and the unlimited love and acceptance of it. You are profoundly a co-creator with the grandest part of yourself, that self is God.